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Ask a Physiotherapist Nigeria is made up of young, passionate and dedicated Nigerian Physiotherapists who are passionately  committed to carrying out National awareness and sensitization campaign about the indispensable roles of Physiotherapy in Healthcare delivery.

Over the years, we have noticed that many people in our society including some health care professions do  not fully understand our various roles in the health sector; some who know about our roles in health sector have limited understanding of what we do. 

Our awareness campaigns include Radio program, health outreach, health talks at church and town hall meetings, social media campaigns etc.

We also offer free online consultation for our clients nationwide.

Our goal is to let every Nigerian know about our roles in the health care sector.

At Ask A Physiotherapist Nigeria, We are committed to the following:


Sensitizing Nigerians about Physiotherapy profession, our roles in preventive, therapeutic and palliative care. We are committed to tasking the gospel of Physiotherapy to all the corners of Nigeria.


Educating Nigerians on how to prevent various non communicable diseases such as cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), degenerative diseases (arthritis), metabolic diseases (diabetes and obesity), neurological diseases (Parkinson diseases) etc. through our various radio programs, health outreach, online counselling etc.


Rendering matchless and quality Physiotherapy services to Nigerian through our various Physiotherapists partners spread across the nation


Restoring our clients to optimal functional and independent life after sustaining orthopedic, neurological, musculoskeletal or other injuries which may interfere with their lives.


Assisting our clients who are athletes to reach the peak of their career.


Protecting the image of Physiotherapy Profession in Nigeria.



Mentoring up Physiotherapy Students

Partner with Us

We are looking for passionate Physiotherapists who align with our vision of promoting Physiotherapy in Nigeria to partner with us.

As a clinic owner or private Practice Physiotherapist, you can register with us. 

We offer free online consultations to our numerous clients across the nation. Some of them do need a nearest Physiotherapist or Physiotherapy clinic to attend to their health needs.

We can refer these clients to you or your clinic/Hospital.

However to support our nationwide campaign which involves Radio program, health outreach, paid social media advertisement etc. that involves lots of financial commitment, a token shall be paid to us for each client referred to you.

This is to enable us continue with our nationwide Physiotherapy sensitization campaigns. 

In bid to protect the physiotherapy profession from quackery and protect the public from harm, we shall ask for the details of school of training, year of graduation, registration/license details of every of our partners with Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Board (MRTB).  This is to ensure that every of our partners is a licensed Physiotherapist.

We also seek for highly cerebral and creative Physiotherapists who can write and create interesting contents in health field especially in Physiotherapy  to join our team.

Finally, we seek for the support of well to do Physiotherapists and other individuals who can sponsor our proposed nationwide Radio/TV campaign programs geared creating awareness about Physiotherapy profession across the nation.

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Meet our Team members

Physio Ifeanyi

Physio Ifeanyi is passionate Physiotherapist committed to the course of Physiotherapy Profession. He has been involved in taking Physiotherapy campaign to many places including radio stations, communities, church gatherings and social media. He is the founder of Ask Physiotherapist Nigeria. He works with Ahmadiyya Hospital Lagos.

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Join Over 100 Physiotherapist across the Nation.

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