Leg Pedal
Leg pedal


Do you feel leg pain after sitting for a long time in your office?

Do you feel numbness or tingling sensation (paresthesia) at you legs after sitting for a long time?

Do you wish to achieve your fitness goal at your comfort zone?

Do you wish to go to gym for work out but unable to do so do to your busy schedule?

If yes, this led pedal is for you.

Legal pedal or hand exercise is a generic exercise equipment designed to meet your fitness need at your comfort zone.

It is simple to use and portable.

It can be used at your comfort zone such as in the sitting room,  bed room, office etc

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Leg Pedal
The leg pedal can be used under the table while working in your office


If you wish to lose weight,

if you wish to achieve fitness training at your comfort zone

If you wish to shed fat at your hand,

if you wish prevent numbness or fatigue at your leg while working in your office,

If you or any of your friends or relatives has arthritis, or stroke, or sports injury etc,

Then this leg pedal is for you. 

both elders, adults and children can use it.

It can be used to train the hands (Upper limbs)
Leg pedal
It is portable. You can carry it to various places easily.
Leg pedal
It can be used to work out at your leisure time, in your sitting room etc


1 LEG PEDAL: 25,999
2 LEG PEDALS 44,000                (You save 8,000)

3 LEG PEDALS 6,3000                (You save 15,000)

Pay on delivery in Lagos.


Leg pedal


It used use to prevent NUMBNESS, tingling sensation (paresthesia) or muscle fatigue on the legs as a result of sitting for long time in the office.

It is used to burn  fat.

It is used to prevent or get rid of  fatty hands,

It is ideal for aerobic training.

It increases productivity at work

People with diabetes can use it to lower their sugar level.

It boosts immune system, and prevents high blood pressure.

It ideal for cardiopulmonary endurance and fitness training.

It improves blood circulation and increases ranges of motion at the upper limbs and lower limbs.

People with mobility or musculoskeletal challenges such as arthritis, leg pains, stroke, nerve injuries, sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, frozen shoulders, etc. would benefit from it.

As a Physiotherapist, I recommend this for many of my patients and the outcome is encouraging.

It prevents muscle atrophy/muscle wasting in people with any form of neurological or orthopedic injuries to the hand and legs


Sit comfortably on a seat.

place it under the table if you wish to work on leg,

Or on top of the table if you wish to work on your hands.

Then cycle for at least 30 minutes.

You can use it for several times in a day. 

You can make it harder or easier by increasing or decreasing the resistance at the resistance adjustment Knob (the black knob on the body).

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REGULATR PRICE: 35,000 PROMO PRICE: 1 LEG PEDAL: 25,999 2 LEG PEDALS 44,000                (You save 8,000) 3 LEG PEDALS 6,3000                (You save 15,000) Pay on delivery in Lagos. FREE DELIVERY IN LAGOS!!!

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Most frequently asked questions about leg pedal and answers.

You can use this equipment to loose weight by using it to work out at your comfort zones at least once a day. You should strive to ride it for 30minutes or more each time you want to use it.

Yes, children can use it as well to work out.

Yes, those who have any form of mobility challenges such as arthritis, stroke etc. can use.

It is commonly used by physiotherapists to treat their clients.

Yes, pregnant women can use it. However, depending on the trimester of the pregnancy, if you wish to use it as pregnant woman, you can contact us on 08066417001 for advice on how to use it or talk with your Doctor.

No. It has no side effects.


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