Leg Pedal (Hand and leg exerciser)


Leg pedal is a new exercise equipment designed to help people with busy schedule work out at their comfort zones.  This leg pedal can be used under the table while one works in office, it can also be used at home while watching your favorite Tv program or chatting with your friends. It is designed to exercise both the hands (upper limbs)  and the legs (lower limbs).

It is portable.

it is used:

to burn fat,

to prevent paresthesia as a result of long sitting in office,

burn fat at hand,

improve blood circulation at legs during work,

relieve symptoms of arthritis,

improve cardiopulmonary endurance,

and improve over all efficiency at work.

People with arthritis, stroke, nerve injury, or people recovery from sports injury or fractures can also use it.


Leg Pedal
Leg Pedal


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