Standing Infrared Lamp (250Watt)


Standing Infrared Lamp
Standing Infrared lamp (250Watt)

Standing infra red lamp with 250 Watt, intensity control, no timer. It improves blood supply to the part of the body being irradiated leading to faster healing of the injured tissue or cells.

it helps to improve joint range of motion (flexibility) in people with stroke, post immobilization stiffness, dislocation, healing fractures etc.

It has sedative effects, thereby making those who have difficult in sleeping to sleep soundly.


Detailed explanation of infrared therapy

Infrared light is one of several innovative therapies used for the management of patients with acute or chronic pain.

The therapy uses certain wavelengths of light that are delivered to sites of the body that have injuries.

One of the characteristics of infrared light is its ability to penetrate below the skin layers, providing a much greater depth which is able to effectively provide pain relief.

In fact, this invasive, natural, and painless method can provide a vast range of health benefits, without damaging the skin through UV radiation

Infrared light has shown immense health benefits, from pain relief to reducing inflammation.

It increase blood flow to the different parts of the body, making it possible for oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells, enabling them to function properly and effectively. Hence, this therapy stimulates the regeneration and repair of injured tissues, reducing pain and inflammation.

Patients who have difficult in sleeping can easily fall asleep while using this therapy.

Infrared light therapy is applied in the treatment of various health conditions, including back pain, arthritis, bursitis, blunt trauma, muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, back pain, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), tendonitis, wounds, sciatica, and surgical incisions.



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